Simple Steps To Get A Job In Canada Without Canadian Work Experience

Be new immigrants come into Canada every year, finding jobs easily has always been the challenge they have to go through. Coupled with a lack of Canadian work experience, getting jobs and settling down quickly in the country becomes even harder.

Most Canadian employers are not also helping matters, as they value workers more with Canadian Experience. How can newcomers increase their chances of getting hired with limited or no Canadian work experience?

Getting A Job In Canada Without Canadian Work Experience

This article will focus on how to get a job in Canada without Canadian work experience.

English Language Skills

Having strong English speaking skills is one of the most important abilities required for any person seeking employment in an English speaking country such as Canada.

Most immigrant with little or no English speaking skills or abilities usually end up taking up jobs with meager wages as a bartender, dishwasher, cleaners, etc.

If you cannot speak good English as a newcomer, it’s advisable that you spend more time with people who speak English. The government of Canada has also provided free English language training for immigrants. You can take advantage of this to improve your abilities and put yourself in a better position in getting good jobs in the labour market.


The ability to build connections can definitely increase available job opportunities for you. Networking with influential individuals can earn you a good job as well as good wages.

In many cases, these influential people are available to newcomers through free immigrant employment programs sponsored by the government. You can also enroll in a free program at JobStart which educated people on job search strategies.

You get to learn how to perform cold calls and follow-up calls to potential employers. You can also sign up for a free mentoring program. All these networking and connections will definitely put you in a good position to get good job opportunities.

Understanding the Canadian Employment Market

You need to understand the Canadian labour market as a newcomer. The lack of temporary jobs (i.e short term, monthly or weekly employment) opportunities within Canada, when compared to the other countries, make it more difficult for newcomers to gain Canadian working experience. It also hinders newcomers from obtaining Canadian working experience to add to their resume.

Newcomers are advised to find volunteer work as an alternative to temporary work in order to get Canadian work experience.

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